3 Day Plein Air Workshop May 8 - 10, 2017

Come join me for an upcoming Plein Air (outdoor painting) Workshop, May 8 – 10, 2017 in the beautiful mountains of North Carolina!

This will be a 3 Day Plein Air Workshop hosted by the Florence Thomas Art School in West Jefferson, NC which is just North of Boone.  The workshop will consist of brief lectures, group discussions, outdoor painting demonstrations, and student painting opportunities.  The focus of Scott’s workshop will be to simplify your painting process.  You will learn the exercises to improve the fundamentals: drawing, composition, values, and color to create stronger paintings.   

The workshop is designed for oil painting.  If you have never painted in oils, this will be a good workshop to begin.  Other mediums are welcome, though the workshop will be most helpful for artists working in oils.

We are planning for a small group of 8-12 students which allows Scott to personally help each artist regardless of their skill level (beginner, intermediate, or advanced).  You may need help finding a scene to paint, setting up equipment, drawing, composing, mixing colors, creating softer edges, finding color harmony, or painting faster outside. Whatever your artistic goals, Scott will help each student with their individual needs.

Outdoor painting locations will be a short drive from the Florence Thomas Art School in West Jefferson, NC. If the weather is adverse we will paint indoors with reference materials.  

To register or find more details about the workshop click on the link below  


Hope to paint with you in West Jefferson!


Scott did this quick 8"x 6" oil painting during Lunch break